Child Therapy

At Behr Psychology, we understand that children face unique challenges that can impact their development and emotional and behavioral well-being. Our specialized child therapy services are designed to address these issues and support children in developing healthy coping mechanisms.

What is child therapy?

Child therapy is a form of counseling explicitly tailored for children. It helps them understand and manage their emotions, behaviors, and relationships. If you’re searching for “child therapy near me,” Behr Psychology offers your child a welcoming and supportive environment.

Types of child therapy

Various types of child therapy aim to meet the different needs of children and their families:

●     Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

This type of child behavioral therapy helps children identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors.

●     Play therapy

This approach to child therapy uses play to help children express their feelings and resolve conflicts.

●     Family therapy

Family therapy involves family members in sessions to improve communication and resolve issues.

●     Art therapy

This modality encourages children to express themselves through creative activities like drawing and painting.

Why choose child therapy and Behr Psychology?

At Behr Psychology, our trained therapists specialize in child therapy and offer tailored treatment plans based on your child’s needs. We believe in a holistic approach, which includes close collaboration with families to ensure thorough care.

How do I get started?

If you are seeking “child therapy near me,” Behr Psychology can help. Our professional team is committed to your child’s mental and emotional well-being. Contact us today to set up an appointment and learn more about our child therapy services.

Myths About Child Therapy:

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Other services

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Myth: Kids cannot benefit from talk therapy because they don’t understand and can’t clearly express their emotions.

Fact: Therapists use age-appropriate strategies to help children understand, express, and manage their emotions better.

Myth: Most children outgrow their problems without therapy.

Fact: Without adequate intervention, certain conditions can remain throughout adulthood, impacting every aspect of a person’s life. Thus, early treatment is crucial.

Myth: A therapist will blame me for my child’s problems.

Fact: Therapists work with families to identify and address concerns without assigning blame. They focus on support and solutions instead.

Myth: Child therapy is only for children with severe mental health disorders.

Fact: Therapy can help children deal with a variety of life challenges, such as school anxiety, body image issues, peer and social media pressure, family issues, bullying, and others.

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