Family Therapy

A place to nurture change and development within your family unit with the support of a trained therapist.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of therapy that helps families deal with issues that affect their members’ mental health and relationships.

At Behr Psychology, our compassionate family therapists are committed to assisting families in navigating their challenges together. If you’re looking for “family therapy near me” or “best family counseling,” we provide experienced assistance suited to your family’s specific requirements.

Why choose family therapy?

Family therapy views issues in the context of family dynamics, helping each member understand their role in the family system. For instance, a parent’s alcoholism affects the entire family, and resolving such issues requires a collective effort.

Family therapy can assist family members in working out their disagreements, dealing with mental health difficulties, and managing their children’s health challenges and behavior. This holistic approach is essential for problems like addiction, mental health issues, and communication breakdowns.

Common reasons for family therapy

  • Communication difficulties between family members
  • Struggles faced by children or teenagers
  • Family members isolating themselves
  • Coping with stress or trauma
  • Dysfunction in typical family roles
  • Mental health, addiction, or eating disorders
  • Extreme emotional reactions within the family

How family therapy at Behr Psychology works

Family therapy aims to improve communication, develop coping strategies, and resolve issues within the family system. Our therapists focus on interactions and relationships within the family, using a systemic approach to address problems comprehensively.

Goals of family therapy at Behr Psychology

  • Developing and maintaining healthy boundaries

The best family counseling assists family members in establishing clear and respectful boundaries to ensure each member’s well-being.

  • Improving communication

Our therapists are dedicated to helping family members understand and communicate effectively, ultimately enhancing family dynamics.

  • Resolving relationship issues

Family therapy can help address conflicts within a family and foster stronger, healthier relationships.

Benefits of Family Therapy

  • Better understanding of family dynamics
  • Enhanced communication and empathy
  • Reduced conflict and improved anger management
  • Restored trust and support within the family

How do I get started with family therapy at Behr Psychology?

At Behr Psychology, our expert therapists are here to guide your family through challenging times and help you build a healthier, more harmonious family life. We offer in-person consultations at our Midtown West and Upper West Side offices and online sessions for those in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, South Carolina, and California.

Contact us today to learn more about our family therapy services for adults and adolescents.

Myths about Family Therapy:

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Other services

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Myth: Only dysfunctional families need therapy.

Fact: Family therapy improves communication and strengthens relationships within a family, so every family can benefit from working with a counselor.

Myth: The therapist will side with one or some family members.

Fact: Family therapists are trained to address family issues. They are unbiased, work to understand all perspectives, and help the family as a whole.

Myth: Family therapy means blaming one person.

Fact: Family therapy focuses on understanding interactions and relationships rather than assigning blame. It seeks to improve the family dynamic overall.

Myth: Family therapy takes years to show results.

Fact: Many families notice positive changes after a relatively short time. How long therapy lasts depends on the problems being worked on and how committed the family is to the process.

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