Online Therapy

Work with a therapist one-on-one to explore your thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior from the comfort and convenience of your home with our online therapy options.

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy mirrors conventional in-person therapy but offers the advantage of being accessible from home. This approach benefits individuals and couples with busy schedules since they don’t have to worry about commuting or figuring out how to fit their schedules.

Why choose online therapy at Behr Psychology?

Online therapy at Behr Psychology offers all the effectiveness of traditional face-to-face counseling but with the added convenience and flexibility of virtual sessions. Without physical meetings, our clients receive significant, transforming results comparable to face-to-face sessions. Engaging with our therapists or psychologists online gives a deep, meaningful connection, assuring a full understanding of your needs, much like sitting right across from them in an office.

Who do we treat?

At Behr Psychology, our therapists are committed to assisting those who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and difficulties in their relationships. Our clients pursue a wide range of goals, such as:

  • improving work-life balance
  • integrating personal values and cultural traditions
  • navigating the complexity of intersectionality
  • navigating sexual health issues
  • managing life transitions
  • self-esteem improvement
  • assertiveness training
  • personal self-discovery and growth

What to expect from our services?

Choosing online therapy with Behr Psychology means engaging in confidential sessions with your therapist from anywhere you feel comfortable. So, expect flexibility in scheduling – you can schedule your sessions from your home or office at any time convenient, including weekends and evenings. Also, you may expect effectiveness comparable to in-person sessions and personalized care tailored to your unique situation and therapeutic goals, allowing you to explore your mental health needs in a supportive, convenient setting that adapts to your lifestyle.

How do we get started with online therapy?

To begin couples psychotherapy, find a qualified therapist who matches your needs and schedule an initial consultation to discuss your goals and how they may help. At Behr Psychology, we offer online sessions for those in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, South Carolina, and California.

Myths about Online Therapy:

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Myth: I will not be able to form a relationship online with a therapist.

Fact: We've discovered that building a relationship with a therapist online can be just as effective as meeting in person. Our therapists are skilled at establishing strong connections and delivering effective interventions during virtual therapy sessions, ensuring you receive the same quality of care as you would face-to-face.

Myth: I will not be able to work on my issues over the Internet.

Fact: Most of the challenges that lead individuals to seek therapy can be addressed just as effectively through online sessions as they would be in person. Your therapist will ensure you feel at ease and supported as you open up and explore these issues.

Myth: Online therapy was only for during the pandemic.

Fact: Online therapy is here to stay. At Behr Psychology, we will continue to provide online therapy. Therapy online is convenient, accessible, and beneficial to many people. Eliminating the commute and decreasing stress can make it easier to integrate therapy into your busy lifestyle.

Myth: Zoom fatigue is getting to me, making it hard to do online therapy.

Fact:Therapy can be done via video or phone. We would love to work with you if you prefer to chat with a therapist over the phone rather than via video.

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