Psychological Testing

Get clear data on your IQ, ADHD, Personality or Learning Disabilities for school, work, or just for your own curiosity.

Understanding psychological testing

Psychological testing is an essential tool that provides a detailed assessment of an individual’s cognitive and emotional functioning. At Behr Psychology, we use cognitive and IQ tests to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Our psychological assessment provides insights that can direct your personal development and identify appropriate therapeutic interventions.

Psychological testing is not therapy; it’s an opportunity to work with a licensed psychologist who uses standardized measures to identify symptoms of cognitive or personality dysfunctions or test learning disabilities.

Why do I need psychological testing?

Psychological evaluation is recommended for various diagnostic purposes, including the detection of ADHD and learning disorders. At Behr Psychology, we use psychological testing to evaluate your attention, focus, motivation, and activity levels. Sometimes, your therapist might suggest psychological testing to clarify diagnoses or delve deeper into your emotional experiences. These assessments are designed to answer questions about your personality and suggest ways to enhance your overall well-being.

Furthermore, if you’re pursuing higher education and need accommodations for college or advanced degrees, psychological testing can provide the necessary documentation to support your needs. While testing does not guarantee a diagnosis, it is a critical step in identifying conditions like ADHD or learning disabilities, helping you access the right resources.

Furthermore, personality disorder tests are used to assess personality. Personality tests can help explore personality qualities, clarify the diagnoses, and understand your emotional experiences.

What to expect?

Your psychological testing at Behr Psychology will begin with a consultation to identify your testing goals and specific concerns. On the day of testing, expect to spend approximately six hours with us for a thorough assessment. Your results will be meticulously scored and interpreted by our psychologists, resulting in a detailed report that outlines findings and recommendations.

We will then schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss your results and next steps, ensuring you clearly understand your psychological profile and guidance for future steps.

Who is a good candidate for psychological testing at Behr Psychology?

Behr Psychology offers psychological assessments for individuals aged eight and older. We are committed to helping those seeking answers about their cognitive and emotional health. It’s important to note that, unlike psychiatrists, as psychologists and therapists, we do not prescribe medication. However, our testing can advise diagnoses and treatment plans. We can refer you to trusted psychiatrists within our network for a comprehensive treatment approach if necessary.

How to get started?

Ready to gain deeper insights into your mental health? Contact Behr Psychology today to schedule your psychological testing session and unlock a deeper understanding of yourself.

Myths about psychological testing :

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Other services

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Myth: Psychological testing is the same as therapy.

Fact: Psychological testing is an entirely different service from therapy. Testing helps quantify internal experiences. It provides data that can be used to clarify diagnoses, symptoms, and emotional/cognitive experiences.

Myth: Psychological testing can get me a prescription for medication.

Fact: At Behr Psychology, all of us are psychologists and therapists. We do not prescribe medications. However, psychological assessment can assist a psychiatrist in better understanding your problems and which medications may be most beneficial. Upon the completion of testing, we will provide you with a report that you can take to a psychiatrist as evidence of potential ADHD, learning disabilities, or emotional discomfort.

Myth: Psychological testing is only suitable for kids.

Fact: Psychological testing can benefit individuals of all ages. Many adults seek psych evaluation while in college or graduate school to apply for accommodations such as more time on exams, as evidence of a psychological or learning disability is required to receive such accommodations.

Myth: I can take an online test to test my IQ.

Fact: Online IQ tests differ from those conducted by qualified and trained psychologists. Most online IQ tests are inaccurate. Psychological assessment at Behr Psychology is administered by a certified expert and recognized by all professional agencies and schools.

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