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Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy

Exposure and response prevention (ERP) is a proven approach designed to help individuals overcome the challenges of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Our dedicated ERP therapists at Behr Psychology are committed to providing you with the strategies and support necessary to manage and reduce OCD symptoms significantly.

What is ERP Therapy?

ERP therapy for OCD involves exposing you to thoughts, images, or situations that trigger your OCD while teaching you to refrain from engaging in compulsive behaviors in response. This treatment helps break the cycle of OCD by building tolerance to anxiety and reducing compulsive behavior over time.

ERP therapy for OCD

ERP exposure response is the most effective treatment for OCD. In this form of CBT, a client faces their obsessions and fears over and over again without using compulsions to block them out.

We understand that putting yourself in situations that make you feel bad on purpose could be challenging. That is why our trained clinicians will work with you to develop an exposure plan, guide you through your encounters with the feared situation, and help you resist the urge to indulge in compulsive behavior.

Why choose ERP therapy at Behr Psychology?

By ERP treatment at Behr Psychology, you can expect the following:

  • Expert ERP therapists: Expect to work with a trained ERP therapist with much experience. They will use targeted interventions that meet your needs.
  • Individualized care plans: We know that every case of OCD is different. That’s why we ensure that our ERP exposure response tactics are tailored to your needs. This way, we can get better results that last longer.
  • Supportive environment: At Behr Psychology, you’ll find a caring and helpful space, which makes it easier to deal with the problems that come with OCD.

How do I begin ERP treatment at Behr Psychology?

If you’re struggling with OCD and looking for effective treatment options, our ERP therapy for OCD can offer you the relief and control you’ve been seeking. At Behr Psychology, we offer in-person consultations at our Midtown West and Upper West Side offices and online sessions for those in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, South Carolina, and California.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled ERP therapists.

Myths about Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy:

Myth: It is too complex and traumatic to go through ERP treatment.

Fact: Even though ERP treatment can be challenging, it is done in a safe, supportive space that is accustomed to each client’s pace and level of tolerance.

Myth: You will never need any other treatment for OCD after you finish ERP therapy.

Fact: Along with ERP, many people get better with ongoing help or other therapies, like medication or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Myth: The ERP program will only work if you have apparent compulsions.

Fact: ERP therapy works for all kinds of OCD, even ones with less apparent compulsions like checking your thoughts.

Myth: The only thing you have to do in ERP treatment is face your fears until they go away.

Fact: ERP therapy uses a structured method to help patients face their fears more gradually while teaching them how to deal with anxiety without doing compulsions.

Our Team of Therapists

All of our therapists are relatable, authentic, and insightful clinicians who understand what it is like to be a patient. Yes, we provide therapy but we strive to understand who you are, not as a patient but as a whole person.

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